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Preservation Petersburg Works to Open Siege Museum

As Petersburg works to get back on its feet financially, efforts are underway to reopen the Siege Museum, housed in the Exchange Building, constructed in 1839 on Bank Street. It was closed two years ago.

Preservation Petersburg’s Acting Executive Director, Chip Mann, explained that structural issues were a concern two years ago as the city’s financial crisis widened.

"The structure has proven to be sound. There were some environmental issues,not as serious as originally diagnosed. They have been addressed," said Mann.

The museum offers a unique perspective on longest siege in American history, it claimed the lives of 70,000 Confederate and Union soldiers, but also had a massive impact on civilians.

"So the opportunity that the Siege Museum presents is to tell their story so that it adds context before or after visitors go out to see the battlefield," said Mann.

Preservation Petersburg is launching a fundraising campaign.