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Post-Trial Risk Drove Rolling Stone Defamation Settement

Court papers filed Tuesday (4/11) show that University of Virginia Dean Nicole Eramo and Rolling Stone magazine have agreed to a settlement, five months after a jury ordered the magazine to pay $3 million for a debunked tale of a fraternity house rape.

News wires lit up Tuesday night with word of the settlement, but missing was how much. “Some amount less than the jury verdict, but how much I don’t know,” said University of Richmond law professor Carl Tobias.

With the case headed for appeal, Tobias says uncertainty drove each side to the bargaining table and that the dean, depicted in the article as insensitive to campus rape, seems vindicated. “Hopefully, Rolling Stone and other members of the media will be more careful in the future, and that’s probably good, so maybe this is a win-win,” added Tobias.

Another lawsuit against the magazine, waged by the fraternity, remains pending.