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Petersburg Council Votes Tonight on Fiscal 2018 Budget

Petersburg City Council will vote tonight (6/6) on a $103 million budget for fiscal 2018. 

Interim Finance Director Nelsie Birch said the budget proposal makes realistic revenue assumptions for the general fund. “Begins to restore a ‘rain day fund.’ We actually put some money in the budget to replenish that, made sure that council knows that if they take any actions for one time revenues that revenue is goes to restoring that fund balance,” added Birch.

The budget also restores the 10% city employee pay cut and reflects the reorganization of city government including consolidating departments. “Parks and Recreation, our library, our special events, and our golf course. And, we did this because we wanted to leverage the opportunities and availabilities of staff resources,” said Birch.

Birch said there is no vote on privatization of the water system. There will be a vote to increase water rates.