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New Kent County Debates Possible Combat Facility

A company in New Kent County wants to set up a military training camp there. Critics say the facility would be loud, dangerous, and bad for the county.

Curtis Security Consulting’s plan calls for five shooting ranges as well as simulated explosions. Some people in Barhamsville are worried about hosting combat training in their backyard.

John Lockwood is one of the couple dozen residents who showed up on Wednesday to a county Board of Supervisors meeting. “I don’t think anyone in their right mind would say that a tactical combat range belongs in a hamlet or village.”

Chip Larkin, a manager with the company, said the plan goes out of its way to address concerns about noise and safety. He also downplayed worries from supervisors that foreigners brought by the CIA or State Department might run away from the site. “I just wanted to make it pretty clear, because it seems like its been lost on some people: ISIS can’t call us and ask for training.”

The proposal is set to go before the planning commission next month.