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Lawsuit Over Private Militias Could Be Tried In July

A lawsuit that has already pushed several militias to stay out of Charlottesville could go to trial next month, another salvo in the ongoing fallout from last summer’s deadly white nationalist rally.

The suit’s lead attorney, Mary McCord, says she’s glad that 16 of the over 20 defendants have already signed decrees promising to refrain from bringing organized firepower back to town. “That coordinated, armed, projection of use of force accountable to no civilian authority is dangerous.”

But Pam Starsia, who represents a rare, left-wing militia called Redneck Revolt, bristles at the suit brought by the City. “It’s really sort of a slap in the face for them to now be turning around and suing some of the only people who actually tried to help keep folks safe.”

Unless the judge dismisses the suit, which he’s been asked to do, the trial could begin on July 30th.