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Kaine Voices Concerns Over GOP Tax Plan

Senator Tim Kaine continues to voice concern about the GOP’s plans to overhaul tax code. Under the current GOP plan, Virginia residents would face major changes.

Close to 40 percent of Virginia residents received annual state and local tax deductions over $10,000 in 2015. Under the current GOP tax plan, those deductions would be eliminated.

Kaine is urging Congress to take their time and work across the aisle to reform taxes. “The code needs to be reformed," Kaine said. "But when tax reform was done in 1986, it was done through a normal legislative process. Take time to get it right, introduce it before the relevant committees, allow both majority and minority parties to both put their thumb prints on a tax reform, try to do something bipartisan and permanent to help the economy.”

Kaine is also calling for a tax code that helps the middle class.