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Jenna Conway Tapped For New Children’s Cabinet Role

The Children’s Cabinet was launched during the McAuliffe administration – and is continuing under the leadership of Virginia’s First Lady Pam Northam.

Currently – about a third of Virginia children entering kindergarten aren’t equipped with the skills they need. “That is unacceptable for a state like Virginia where we value our investment in education,” said Virginia First Lady Pam Northam.

In her continued focus on early childhood education - she’ll chair the children’s cabinet this year. She’s also creating a new role: chief school readiness officer. In addition to school readiness – Northam’s priority areas include nutrition and food security as well as systems of care and safety.

Jenna Conway will fill it – she grew up in Charlottesville, but most recently worked with Louisiana’s Department of Education.

Conway told WCVE Thursday (6/21) she plans to first figure out which programs in the state are working – before creating a plan to move forward.