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Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall Moves Inland

Hurricane Florence came ashore in North Carolina overnight without weakening. Virginia, it appears, will get rain and some wind but not Hurricane strength. John Ogle spoke to the National Weather Service in Wakefied.

Chief Meteorologist Jeff Orrock said the wind is gusting to 40 miles an hour in parts of Hampton Roads and the lower bay. Gusting 30 to 35 in the Northern bay areas, "Inland areas across Central Virginia winds have been holding around maybe 20 maybe 25 mile per hour gusts."

As the storm moves slowly inland, he said, the heaviest rain will stay in North Carolina, "We’ll continue to see breezy conditions and occasional showers coming through ..could see some heavy little bands of rain at times especially across Southeast South Central Virginia."

As the storm curves up the mountains, Orrock said, Virginia will be getting maybe and inch or two of rain through Monday as the storm slowly hooks around us.