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House Balance Of Power Still Undecided

In Virginia, Democrats gained more than a dozen seats in the Republican-controlled House of Delegates Tuesday night/last night (11/7). But the chamber’s exact balance of power is still being decided.

Command of the body is now down to several, very close races. Of the 100 House of Delegates seats up for re-election this year, 5 races have a victory margin of 1% or less, and, by state law, are eligible for recount.

So far, a Republican and a Democrat have each conceded one race and both sides say they’re exploring their remaining legal options. Candidates on either side can’t begin suing for recounts until after the State Board of Elections has certified voting results.

Republicans say they’re confident they’ll maintain a majority, but Thursday afternoon, House leadership began soliciting funds to address costs for pending legal battles. The possible recounts could determine whether Virginia’s newly-elected Democratic Governor will work with a Republican-controlled Senate and House, or a split legislature.