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Gerrymandering Foes Find Silver Lining in Recent Case

A Supreme Court ruling Monday (6/25/18) on gerrymandering in Texas could have effects on a similar case in Virginia. Both cases center on how race was used to carve voting districts.

The 5-4 decision means the state of Texas will only have to redraw one district. Advocates here say there’s a silver lining because the justices cited Virgina’s race-based gerrymandering. Brian Cannon is head of the nonpartisan advocacy group OneVirginia2021, which challenged current districts in the Commonwealth. “We’ve got to seize the initiative here in Virginia and get a constitutional amendment passed through our legislature instead of waiting for the courts to come in and save us.”

The U.S. Supreme Court sent a Virginia gerrymandering case back to lower courts last year and the state supreme court shot down another legal challenge to the current districts last month.

Republican legislators maintain the boundaries are legally drawn.