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General Assembly Misses Budget Deadline

Virginia legislators announced today they’ll continue budget negotiations after their Saturday deadline.

Three options came before the Senate today (3/8) – one to extend session for just a few days, one for 30 days and another for a special session, to give legislators more time to come to a budget agreement.

Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment addressed the Senate. “There is unequivocally, absolutely, no intention to adjourn sine die before Saturday. And the reason for that is very common-sensical.”

Norment attempted to convince fellow Republican Senators that an extended session didn’t mean he’d changed his mind on Medicaid. “There is nothing nefarious going on. There is nothing insidious going on.”

In an email newsletter to constituents over the weekend, Norment wrote that Medicaid expansion would not be a fiscally sound decision.

Meanwhile fellow Republican Senator Emmett Hanger said in an email to his constituents that he’d be willing to vote for Medicaid expansion, because he says it’s the right thing to do.