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Fort Lee Celebrates 100th Birthday

Fort Lee kicked off a celebration of the Army base’s 100th birthday over the weekend and the party is still going on.

The Fort’s Susan Gauvin said, "Camp Lee was established in 1917 as a result of the United States entry into World War I."

Some 5,000 soldiers and countless civilian visitors attended a ceremony yesterday in Williams Stadium, that included speeches, the Olde Guard Fife and Drum Corps and The Black Daggers parachute demonstration team.

"There’s a lot of regimental activities going on today and tomorrow. Thursday night the final event is the Sustainment Ball which is being held at Virginia State University."

Statistics show Ft. Lee has a $2.4 BILLION economic impact on the tri-cities area.

"We’re a member of the surrounding central Virginia community and it’s because of their support that we exist today."