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Forensic Audit Underway in Petersburg

PB Mares Certified Accountants are conducting a forensic audit of Petersburg’s finances from fiscal 2014 through last year to better understand how the city’s financial mess developed.

Interim Finance Director Nelsie Birch said the forensic audit digs deep looking for "any activity that was either fraudulent or doesn’t comply with policy or there’s not an existing policy and it leaves the city very vulnerable."

The auditors are examining everything from the offices of the Commissioner of Revenue and the city treasurer, to the Blandford Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund, surplus vehicles and two fuel yards where employees fill up city vehicles.

There are also concerns over the use of city purchase cards, in particular, when vendors refused to accept 30 day billing.

"Just to make sure that our procedures and processes were upheld and that there were no purchases that were made that should not have been purchase using city funds."