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Endangered Va Republicans Losing Fundraising Ground to Democrats

Republican incumbents in three of Virginia’s most competitive House of Representative races all have more cash on hand than their Democratic challengers. But campaign finance totals released on Monday show the Democrats are gaining ground.

If money talks, all ears should be turned towards the 10th Congressional District in northern Virginia, where both candidates raised over a million dollars from April through the end of June. Ravi Perry is a politics professor at VCU. He says all of that money points to the vulnerability of Republican Barbara Comstock. “They’re aware of the swing district nature of it, and are clearly investing in it accordingly.”

But in other close races in the 2nd, 5th, and 7th districts, Democrats out-fundraised their opponents in the second quarter. “And we’ve also seen significant gains on the Democratic momentum, with key election victories in primaries across the states that really matter.”

He says Democrats are taking that momentum to the bank.