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Emancipation Proclamation Monument Planned For 2019

On Tuesday, a planning commission led by Richmond Senator Jennifer McClellan, discussed the design and finance of the Emancipation Proclamation and Freedom monument planned for a 2019 installation on Browns Island.

The monument will cost nearly $900,000 dollars to design, craft, and install. Over half of the cost has already been appropriated by the state. McClellan says the commission plans to solicit the rest of the budget through fundraising efforts. She herself has donated $5,000 dollars.

"It's become personal to me, and I figure if I'm not willing to put my money behind this project, I can't ask other people to do it."

The statue will honor notable African-American Virginians who’ve made significant contributions to the emancipation of African Americans from 1865 through 1970.

"I think it is important to make people understand that monuments tell a story, they have to tell a complete story, and our focus is making sure there are new monuments that do that."

The commission will meet on July 17th to approve the monument's final designs.