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Elwood Thompsons Owner Rehabilitated an Icon

Rick Hood, the owner of Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market, located in the museum district of Richmond, has rehabilitated the Round Building, built in 1955 at the corner of Floyd and Thompson streets, as a headquarters.

Hood, trained as an architect, explained that original features remain including the building’s custom molded concrete block exterior.

"All of the exterior trim was done in Redwood and the Redwood doesn’t have a spec of rot in it. It’s still almost as good as the day it was installed."

The interior, with oak panel walls, he said, is unique.

"There’s an interior hallway that’s round. The patio pavers that we restored have a round shape."

Hood believes it’s important to respect the history and traditions of the museum district that is home to Ellwood Thompsons.

"You can learn so much about how to move forward if you delve into that."