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Electronic Medical Health Records Tempting Target

The University of Virginia reported last week that it had sent out 1,882 letters to patient’s whose medical information may have been compromised.

Medical records have become a tempting target. Last week it was UVA. Last March it was VCU, with 2,700 letters that went out. Both say there is no indication the information was used for unintended purposes, but Robert Lord, an expert in cybersecurity, says Electronic Medical Health Records are being hacked all over the country. “Probably about 180 incidents were made public last year, which means many, many more were not made public.”

And Robert Lord, co-founder of Protenus cybersecurity says they are tempting. “The demand for it is the fact that a medical record is one of the most comprehensive sets of information about a person’s identity that exists. If you own someone’s medical record, you really own their identity almost completely.”

Lord was a student at the John Hopkins University of Medicine when he created a system to prevent unauthorized access to electronic medical records and went on to become co-founded a company to scale their technology to the entire healthcare industry.