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DuPont Investing $50 million in Kevlar Manufacturing at Spruance

DowDupont, Inc. is investing $50 million in its global operations that make Kevlar including at the Spruance Plant on Jeff Davis Highway in Chesterfield.

Dupont’s Megan Morris said the investment is the result of a “strong demand” for the high strength fiber.

"Of the $50 million investment over 70% impacts the Spruance facility and over 85% our global production for Kevlar is made here in Richmond at the Spruance site."

The plant has around 1,800 employees and has hired some 150 more over the last year. This investment isn’t adding any new jobs.

"It’s more about making sure that our operations continue to run smoothly. That we have more uptime. We’re modernizing the facility."

Kevlar is best known for bullet resistant vests worn by the military and law enforcement but is also used to make gloves and boots.

"We also have aero-space applications and fiber optic cables and brake pads, tire cords so there’s a whole host of industrial applications in addition."