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Court Grows Impatient on Virginia’s Redistricting Fight

Democrats and Republicans in the House of Delegates have until tomorrow (9/20) to name their pick for a so-called special master. That person could be in charge of redrawing Virginia’s legislative maps.

In June, a federal court found that the legislature had racially gerrymandered 11 districts, and ordered them redrawn. But with Democrats in control of the executive branch and Republicans running the General Assembly, neither of their proposals are likely to pass.

That’s where the special master comes in.

“I think the court is getting very tired of having this drag out.”

Carl Tobias teaches law at the University of Richmond. He says the court could name its own special master if the parties can’t agree on one and fail to pass a new map.

“The lower court wants to move because it knows the primaries would be coming up. And wants to settle this so it’s not too close to the primary or general election. And time’s a-wasting.”

An independently-drawn map could pit incumbents--especially Republicans--against each other.