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Corey Stewart Joins Push To Oust Charlottesville Councilor

One candidate for the governorship came to Charlottesville today (2/16) to lend his voice to the push to oust an embattled City Councilor. Republican hopeful Corey Stewart helped deliver the petition that would recall Wes Bellamy, who until recently, was best known for leading the effort to remove the City’s statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

“We’re gonna get this guy, this lunatic, out of office; and we’re gonna take our state back,” said Stewart.

Blogger Jason Kessler says he’s got enough signatures for a hearing on Bellamy’s transgressions, which include Tweets considered homophobic, bigoted, and misogynistic.

But Bellamy’s pastor, Hodari Hamilton, forgives. “You are much bigger than your past,” said Hamilton.

Four years ago, another local leader was subject to recall, but prevailed in court. Legal analyst Scott Goodman says it could happen again. “The judge is likely to say this is a decision for the people to make at the ballot box,” said Goodman.