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Congressman Dave Brat Introduces Immigration Legislation

Virginia 7th District Congressman Dave Brat has introduced what he calls The American Labor, Wages, and Sovereignty Act. He calls it a chance for both parties to muster the political courage to stare down small, but powerful, elements within their own ranks.

Congressman Brat told WCVE the bill has three components to finally fix the challenges facing our immigration system. It would end ‘chain migration.’ “The idea that anyone who comes in can also bring the extended family, it provides e-verify which makes it possible for future employees to know that they’re legal and employers to know they have a legal work force and it ends the visa lottery which is just random.”

Brat said he’s encouraged by an article recently published in The Hill. “And the person who wrote the article said the Democrats were in favor of all three of these pieces ten years ago.”

Chaos at the border, Brat said, is not the best way to help everyone. “When anxiety is rising the best way to help people is to get the anxiety level lower.”