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Chesterfield School Equity

In Chesterfield County, not every student has the same access to instructional or extracurricular resources. And, inside the schools, the staff’s demographics don’t reflect the makeup of their increasingly diverse classrooms. It’s a story of inequity.

This is according to a report on systematic inequality that was presented to the Chesterfield School Board on Tuesday (12/12). Equity, as defined in the report, does not mean equality. Rather, it’s recognizing that some students will need more than others to experience a leveled playing field.

When Superintendent James Lane started in 2016, one of his first tasks was to create a committee. He appointed Dr. Tamisha Grimes as Director Equity and Student Support, “I asked them to come forward in either November or December of this year to release a report on how we can improve equitable outcomes for our students.”

The committee was most vocal about allowing students to see teachers who looked like them, said Grimes. They also pitched nearly 30 recommendations, including an increase funding to retain and recruit minority teachers.