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Chesterfield County Adopts 2020 Budget

Wednesday, the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors adopted its 2020 budget.

The just over $730 Million budget includes an increase in starting salaries for Sheriff deputies and more money to retain and train police officers, says Budget Director Meghan Coates.

“That includes the opening of the Magnolia Green fire station, that’s 20 fire fighters,” says Coates.

She adds the budget will fund a new elementary school for Magnolia Green and an additional $5 million for school maintenance.

The Board approved just over a 1 percent increase in utility rates which will bring in an additional $1.4 Million in revenue. The funds will go toward building a fourth water treatment plant.

Graphic provided by Chesterfield County.

The tax rate for property owners remains unchanged at 95 cents. However, due to an increase in property value assessments, homeowners will pay about 3 percent more says Chairwoman Leslie Haley.

“Without us even doing anything with the tax rate they’ve seen a tax increase,” says Haley. “And we’re very cognisant of that and we need to be fiscally responsible for that.”

Vice-Chair Steve Elswick says that the county meets the critical needs of all the departments.

“Does everyone get everything they want? No. You never will,” Elswick says. “There’s not enough money in Chesterfield County to pay for all the wants.”

The 2020 Budget goes into effect July 1.