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Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Grasses for the Masses

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is looking for citizen volunteers to take part in restoring wild underwater grasses. Wild celery grasses are vital submerged plants that have been victims of pollution and cloudy water.

Blair Blanchette is the coordinator for Grasses for the Masses. The underwater grasses, she noted, are a vital part of the Bay’s ecosystem. Among other things, she said, they create habit and are food source for crabs and fish. “They also protect our shoreline and communicate climate change and act as filters.”

She said the grasses are easily grown from seed trays in submerged tubs and the program is designed to, “Give citizens a chance grow these grasses in their homes or schools or churches, places of work, and have a tangible benefit to our waterways, and in addition, you get to keep a pretty fun houseplant for about six months.”

The CBF website has Grasses for the Masses details.