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CEOs Recommend Improvements for Richmond Transit

Local business leaders say Richmond needs better bus service and faster trains if it’s going to stay economically competitive. That’s according to a new report from a group chaired by Dominion Energy CEO Tom Farrell.

The report from the Greater Washington Partnership highlights what transit advocates have been saying for years--that Chesterfield and Henrico County need to expand bus service to reach more people. Jason Miller is CEO of the group.

“There are parts and communities in the Richmond area that don’t have adequate physical access today to the full set of jobs across the Richmond area, to essential services, to other destinations.”

The report found that three percent of jobs in the Richmond area are accessible within a 45 minute bus ride of where people live. The business leaders also want to see faster trains to DC. They say the ride could be cut to 90 minutes by fixing some bottlenecks.