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Cause of High Street Lofts Fire Remains Undetermined

Petersburg Fire Chief Dennis Rubin say the cause of the fire that destroyed a warehouse and parts of the High Street Lofts last month remains undetermined.

Chief Rubin said an extensive investigation began while the ruins were still smoldering. A Federal Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives team was called in.

"They bring in some highly sophisticated equipment but that wasn’t able to make any determination."

The State Police lab, he said, was very involved from the start as were Richmond Fire Department investigators. Accelerant dogs were brought in.

"Unfortunately, when a fire burns at that level, it burns up most of the evidence. We have no indication that it was a man made, a set fire, or that it was accidental, we really don’t know."

There were no fatalities and only one injury. A firefighter, rescuing a cat, was bitten.

The investigation, the chief said, will remain open.