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Carver School Parents Wanted Information on SOL Test Retake

Students at Richmond’s Carver Elementary School had to retake their SOL tests after the city school administration was informed of potential irregularities with SOL testing procedures and decided it was in the best interest of students and teachers.

Mariah White has two children attending Carver and she’s active in school functions. She told WCVE parents felt there was a serious lack of information when the news broke.

"We were shocked and we were concerned and we wanted more information."

Many question, she said, why all of the students had to either retake the test or opt out and retaking meant waiting until school was already out for the year.

"Is that fair for them to come back a week later to take a test during their summer to take a test? Do you know how many children won’t come back? That’s a failure."

White said she, and other parents, are staying on top of the situation for their kids.

"They have positive attitudes and I’m keeping them motivated and even the ones that are taking the test .. the children that have opt out are motivatin’ them too .. so Carver is strong .. they stand strong."