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CARITAS Planning Healing Place for Women

The non-profit group CARITAS, that has been working to end homelessness in Richmond for 30 years, also deals with the causes of homelessness. Now, they’re planning an addiction recovery service for women similar to one that has operated for men since 2005. 

CARITAS CEO Karen Stanley explained that The Healing Place for Men is a 215 bed facility in South Richmond with a strong success record.

"Its critical now with this opioid epidemic that we’re in that we provide services for such an underserved population ..the women in our community who are waiting three to four months to get help," said Stanley.

Now, they’re developing A Healing Place for Women.

"That will part of a bigger project called The CARITAS Center that will that enable us to consolidate much of our programming under one roof and add 47 sober living apartments as part of the project."

The hope is, Stanley said, to be able to open The CARITAS Center by late 2019.