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Capital Region Collaborative Releases 2018 RVA Snapshot

A collaboration of local businesses, community stakeholders, and government leaders called the Capital Region Collaborative began putting out a report called the RVA Snapshot in 2016. The 2018 report has just come out and includes a survey of resident perceptions.

When the Capital Region Collaborative was first beginning its work several years ago, Ashley Hall says they decided they wanted to hear from residents as well as visitors. “We realized we had so much data around what tourists think of coming to Richmond: how often they come, do they come back, where they stay, what they do, and we didn’t have that same kind of information for people who live here: what do residents think about living, working, playing, learning here?”

In 2011 they polled about 8,000 residents, and developed 8 indicators – such as quality of education, access to the arts, and more – to base continued research on.

They conducted another sample poll of residents last year, which showed improved perceptions in all categories except quality education and meeting the basic needs of all residents.