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Bus Schedules Cause Rocky Start For Chesterfield

For many parents in Chesterfield County the first week of school was a bumpy road.

Because of a lack of bus drivers’ parents and children had to wait longer than normal for busses to arrive.

At a School Board Meeting yesterday (9/12/18) parents got the chance to vent their frustrations.

Shannon Hayes calculated that between her, her husband and their three children, her family have had 51 “first days” of school. “Out of those 51 starts that we’ve had in the Hayes family, none of them have been like last week.”

Hayes said she’s spent more than two hours waiting for the bus one day.

Parents said that part of the problem are the new start times. In a letter to parents sent last week by Superintendent Donald Fairheart he said there are currently 30 vacant bus driver positions--13 of which occurred before the school year even started.

Executive Director of Communications Tim Bullis said the county has been working to fix the issue by trying to hire and train more drivers. He also said they are looking at a better compensation package. “We’re competing against a public sector here that pays sometimes four-to-five dollars more than we do.”

Ten new drivers are in the pipeline.