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Brat Introduces Bipartisan Jobs Plus Recovery Act

Virginia Republican Congressmen Dave Brat and New Jersey Democrat Donald Norcross, members of the House Committee on Education and Workforce, have introduced the Jobs Plus Recovery Act. It is intended to integrate, for the first time, job training in drug addiction recovery programs.

Norcross is vice chair of a bi-partisan task force fighting the heroin epidemic. He said it’s important to do everything that can be done to help the hundreds of thousands of Americans struggling with addiction.

Brat said, “It’s a holistic approach to opioid addiction providing that skills base to get people back into the workforce and make sure their recovery is a hundred per cent.”

The Jobs Plus Recovery Act would allow programs funded by the 2014 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act to target support services and permit community programs to educate employers about how to hire and retain people with a history of substance-use disorders.

“Part of the challenge is just making sure the money gets down from the federal all the way to the local and we have another bill that’s working on that,” said Congressmen Brat.