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Amended Court Fines Bill Clears Reconvened Session

Lawmakers agreed to a number of amended bills Wednesday (4/5).

One of them means new rules for those with fines and court costs in the Commonwealth. Richmond City Republican Delegate Manoli Loupassi says he was happy to pass the amended bill HB 2386 - which aims to provide relief for those with looming court-related debt in the form of payment plan options. “I think it was a good public policy. I think it’s a good idea to try to get people licensed - if they’re going to be driving - get’em licensed and y’know, give’em the ability to go to work lawfully,” said Loupassi.

Delegate Loupassi says one of the approved amendments lowered the cost of down payments for fines which total in excess of $500 dollars. The measure’s approval comes just weeks after a judge threw out a federal lawsuit against Virginia regarding the current fines and fees laws that provide for license suspension when debtors don’t pay.