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7th District Congressman Dave Brat on Climate Change

President Trump has announced his decision (6/1) on the Paris climate agreement. The US will withdraw from the agreement. Virginia’s 7th District Congressman, Dave Brat, said cost is a consideration when it comes to environmental issues.

Brat told WCVE that when it comes to green issues, he looks to the data and asks questions.

"The climate changes, I think there’s consensus on that, there’s not much debate on that, just look at the data ..it is what it is ..and then how much of it is man made and what’s the cost to fix it and who’s going to pay for it."

The world, he said, has given China a ten year break and the US remains the largest payer.

"For me, too much of this is political, everyone is hitting each other over the head with this issue as a club instead of just looking at the data and trying to have some fair outcome."

The test, Brat said, is can a green initiative remain solvent on its own.

"If it can, then I’m as pro green as you can get."