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Survivors Share Ongoing Struggles 15 Months After Charlottesville Attack

Survivors have used the Heal Charlottesville Fund to help pay for housing, transportation and medical costs. Friday night’s event was held to raise more money to support their needs.

Fifteen months after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, victims of the car attack are still dealing with physical and mental injuries.

Five survivors spoke about their experiences in front of a group of supporters at First United Methodist Church.

Richmond’s 14th Annual Imagine Festival

This weekend, around 500 people attended Richmond’s 14th annual Imagine Festival. The event celebrates the city’s rich cultures, including performances by African, Japanese, and Hispanic and Latino organizations.

Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham says the Imagine Festival is an opportunity for law enforcement and residents to connect, "Richmond is a welcoming city and everybody here is a resident and everyone here is a part of this community and we want to get out and show our support."

Outburst at Richmond's Coalition Theater Gives Space and Platform to LGBTQ Comics

A pride-themed comedy show opens this month at the Coalition Theater in Richmond. It’s the second year for this sketch comedy project, created by the LGBTQ community to provide a safe space to relay their experiences using creativity and humor. For Virginia Currents, WCVE intern Yasmine Jumaa has more.

After Son’s Death, Richmond Dentist Works To Combat Opioid Addiction

One of the common ways teens are exposed to opioids is when they’re being treated for pain, from an injury or for oral surgery. One local dentist has been working to combat the epidemic in the dentist’s office and in the classroom. WCVE Intern Kate Seltzer reports.


By 10 o’clock in the morning, the VCU dental clinic is already bustling with patients. They’re waiting to be treated by VCU’s dentists, or in some cases, dental students like Eleanor Manzini who met with me in between pulling teeth.