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PolitiFact Virginia: Terry McAuliffe "False" On Debt Claim

The claim has been part of McAuliffe’s pitch since shortly after he took office in 2014. We fact-checked it in 2015, wondering how he could have inherited a deficit from his predecessor, Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, when the state constitution requires a balanced budget. It’s a good time to examine the statement again. 

PolitiFact Virginia: Deeds 'Mostly True' on Red Flag Claim

Speaker: Creigh Deeds

Statement: Red-flag laws have been “shown to reduce the number of suicides by firearms.”

Date: June 11

Setting: Radio interview


State Sen. Creigh Deeds, a leading voice for mental health reform, is talking up a “red-flag law” in Virginia that would allow the seizure of guns from people deemed substantial threats to themselves or others.

PolitiFact Virginia: Kaine's Capitol Tobacco Claim Goes Up In Smoke

Sen. Tim Kaine said both chambers in the Virginia capitol have gold-embossed tobacco leaves on the ceiling. In Virginia, it’s lore that the ceilings in legislative chambers are adorned with tobacco frescoes. But is it true? We fact checked the claim, spread by Kaine and many others, and it went up in smoke.

PolitiFact Virginia: The McAuliffe Effect

Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe says he won’t run for president in 2020 because final touches are needed on his recoloring of Virginia.“I’m going back. I started the mission in Virginia,” the Democrat said during an April 18 CNN interview. “It was a red state when I started. When I left, it was a blue state.” Did Virginia's red-to-blue changes start with McAuliffe, as the former governor likes to say?