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"Showing Up" - A New Recording By Victor Haskins

Richmond-based trumpeter Victor Haskins has released a new recording called Showing Up, featuring Randall Pharr on bass and Tony Martucci on drums. On the recording, Victor alternates between cornet and a wind-blown synthesizer called the EWI, or Electronic Wind Instrument. You'll hear more about that in this interview segment as well as excerpts of a few album tracks.

Framing Progress: VMFA To Place $40 Million Asher Durand Painting In Context With Native American Art

In 1853, Asher Durand was commissioned to create a monumental painting of the American landscape. Valued at $40 million, the work that resulted has been studied in art history classes but has been in private hands for years and mostly unavailable for public viewing. Now, it’s been acquired by The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Balancing Spontaneity with Structure - Composer David Dominique on His Recording "Mask"

David Dominique is a multi-faceted musician with advanced degrees in composition and theory and a background in indie rock, jazz, ska, and experimental improv. Based in Richmond and employed as an Assistant Professor of Music at William and Mary, Dominique maintains strong ties to the LA creative music scene. In this segment, he talks about his creative process and there are excerpts of several compositions from his recent album "Mask."