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Richmond Holds One Of Smallest Pay Gaps By Gender

New numbers from the Census Bureau show that women are still earning less than men across Virginia, although in some places more than others.

Richmond has one of the smallest gender disparities in Virginia. Full-time working women in Richmond make about $39,000 a year. That’s 91% of the median income for men, which is $42,000. That’s much less of a disparity than the national average or statewide average.

Supreme Court To Decide Fate Of Virginia's District Map

Are black voters unfairly packed into a dozen House of Delegates districts, diluting their influence in the rest of the state? That was the question before justices of the United States Supreme Court this week.

Here’s the paradox before justices. Virginia must consider race to comply with the Voting Rights Act. Then again, the Equal Protection Clause prevents lawmakers from making race the predominant factor in drawing maps.

Virginia Election Closer Than Expected

Democrats won Virginia, but the race was a lot closer than many expected. Michael Pope has the story.

Democrats experienced all the seasons Tuesday night, the warm thrill of expected victory and then cold, hard reality that set in when the election returns started coming in. Virginia Democrats were able to pull out a victory, but it was not the kind of decisive win that many were hoping for. Attorney General Mark Herring says he knows something about a close elections.

Election Shows Deep Divisions Within Parties

This year’s election results showed deep divisions inside the Republican Party. But as Michael Pope tells us, it also revealed deep divisions inside the Democratic Party.

Democratic elected officials won’t say this on the record. But privately they’ll acknowledge that Hillary Clinton is a divisive figure inside the Democratic Party. Taking the stage at a Democratic Party event in Northern Virginia, Senator Mark Warner acknowledged that keeping the party together isn’t easy.

Armed Watchers Could Appear At Polling Locations

Election officials across Virginia are bracing for the possibility that armed poll watchers might show up at polling places on Election Day. What’s legal and not legal?

Standing outside the Agudas Achim voting precinct in Alexandria, Mirza Lopez says she’s not looking forward to Election Day. She’s the executive director here at synagogue, and she’s heard about the armed protestors who showed up outside Democrat Jane Dittmar’s campaign office. That was in Palmyra last month. She knows that something like that could happen here here on Election Day.