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Virginia Lawmakers Pass On Red Flag Law, Despite GOP Support In Other States

One of the bills Virginia lawmakers hoped would be considered during this week’s special session is what’s called a red flag law. This is legislation that permits police and family members to get a court order to seize guns from someone who’s a danger to themselves or others. But Republicans punted on the law and all new gun-related legislation. On the House floor, Democratic Delegate Richard “RIP” Sullivan ran down a list of Republicans at the federal level who’ve announced support for “Red Flag” laws. 

Six Months Since Medicaid Expansion, Virginia’s Medicaid Agency Shifts Focus to Eligible Pregnant Women

On Monday, Virginia’s Medicaid agency announced a new strategy called ‘healthy birthday Virginia’ focusing on the health of new moms and their babies. It’s part of Governor Ralph Northam’s goal of eliminating racial disparities in the maternal and infant mortality rates by 2025.