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Teenage Astrophotographer Keeps His Eyes on the Stars

Most teenagers have taken hundreds or even thousands of selfies by the time they graduate from high school. But how many earn a national award for one?

Tyler Hutchison, a recent graduate of St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, won The Astronomical League’s 2018 Horkheimer/Parker Youth Imaging Award for a photo he calls “Searching.”

Hot Shots & Hot Jobs: Making Our Daily Vitamins Effective—And Tasty!

Gummie vitamins have become a popular way to get a good dose of nutrients each day. It’s a routine many of us don’t give much thought to, but a lot of science goes into that little bite: everything from its color to its digestibility was studied and perfected in a lab. Check out three “Hot Shots and Hot Jobs” involved in the development and design of gummie vitamins: Product Design Scientist, Confection Technologist, and Analytical Chemist.

The Science of Brewing Beer

Beer isn’t just a favorite way to wash down a plate of game-night chicken wings. It’s been a part of the human experience for at least 7,000 years. In many different forms, it swept through the ancient civilizations of Egypt and China, through Europe, and onto the tables of our founding fathers to become America’s favorite alcoholic beverage.