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2nd District Citizen’s Meeting in Richmond Brings more Talk of Redskins Training Camp Issues

At a 2nd District Citizen’s meeting last night in Richmond, Councilwoman Kim Gray had speakers from the police, the new city auditor, a local school board member and even General Assembly members. All speakers gave updates from their respective areas, but it was where the meeting was held that may have had the most irony. Councilwoman Gray held another of her ongoing Citizen’s meetings at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center. It’s the place many 2nd District Citizen’s meetings have been held.

It’s a Sofrito Party

Ok, listen. This week’s World Music Show (3/31) blog is going to be short and sweet. Time is of the essence this week, so I’m not going to delve too deeply into every wonderful musician that you’ll be hearing this week.

But I will say that everyone you’ll hear, you’ll enjoy all of them and it’ll be worthwhile to tune in or stream.

One group of note will be the duo of Eva and Peter. This duet play a style of Gypsy/Balkan and Romani music that both incorporates the past but has its roots in the present.

Karl Rove Speaks at U of R on Immigration and the Current State of Politics

Karl Rove, the Political Strategist, Columnist and former Deputy Chief of Staff to George W. Bush spoke at the University of Richmond last night to a crowd of just under 400 people. The theme of Rove’s talk was called “Perspectives on Immigration.” However, the topic was only touched on a few times. Rove’s ran the political gamut, speaking about everything from the gun debate, to Obamacare. But he saved his sharpest perspectives for President Trump and the current state of politics.