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The Mailbag is Open!

On this week’s World Music Show (10/20) I’m opening up the proverbial mailbag in order to highlight some of the new music I’ve been getting. And after reviewing the depth of stuff that’s come in, I can say that you’re in for a treat.

Some of the highlights include:\

Chesterfield School Board Skips Audit Meeting

The Chesterfield County Audit & Finance Committee held its monthly meeting today (10/16). Seated at the table were members of the Board of Supervisors as well as County Administrators. However, it was the empty seats around the table that spoke volumes.

Missing from the meeting were members of the school board. Earlier this month the school board opted out of the meetings, saying they want to create their own independent audit and finance committee.

Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution

I love word play. The little twists and turns you can do with a phrase or the fun of homophone when it’s released out upon the world. I’m reminded of this for this week’s World Music Show (10/13) because of the phrase Playing for Change.

What was your first thought when you read that? Was it of a street musician showcasing their talents with a box of hat out asking for change? Or was it a call to action you see from many musicians? How about if the phrase can mean both at the same time? That’s kind of the gist of this week’s show.

A Master Banjo Maker and His Apprentice Craft History

Each October, the plucking and twang of banjos is a familiar sound along the James River where thousands gather for the Richmond Folk Festival. On today’s Virginia Currents, WCVE’s Ian Stewart finds out how this old-time instrument is crafted from a master builder and his apprentice.

Learn More:
To find out more about the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship program visit:
Virginia Humanties Program 

Musical Spaghetti

Sometimes you just need to throw things against the wall. Whether it’s because of the weather or the news or whatever is on your plate, sometimes it just feels good (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything). So on this week’s World Music Show (9/29) I’m going to do just that--musically and metaphorically speaking of course.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that overall, there’s no underlying theme and that each chunk of music may be a mixed up jumble of genres. However, I do of course have “the list” of what’s well, on the playlist.

Members Only?

Thankfully I’m not talking about that dated piece of outerwear. Nor am I talking about how WCVE is a “Members Only” club. But on this week’s World Music Show (9/22) I am talking about you. If you enjoy local programs such as this one or the others such as Time for the Blues, The Sound of Swing or Breakfast Classics, then you should become a member.

To Swoosh or Not to Swoosh

I’m always amazed when big companies do good things. I mean, it’s not like that have to. I’ve been mulling this over lately due to all the talk of about a certain company with a swoosh that started a new ad campaign. I won’t get into that discussion here--my sneakers aren’t fast enough to keep up. But when I was tinkering around with a theme for this week’s World Music Show (9/15) I merged this chatter with what I know about some record labels that are actually out in the world doing good things with sincerity.