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Panel Debates Longevity of Trump Effects

Has Donald Trump forever changed the presidency? Hawes Spencer has this report from the University of Virginia, where a group on panelists wrestled with that question Wednesday night.

Democratic strategist Symone Sanders says Trump's tweets and his policies have moved the proverbial goal posts, "Things that Donald Trump did in 2016 and even now would have been political suicide for other people."

But Fox News analyst Brit Hume downplayed the Trump effect even on his own party "Now I think his impact on the Republican Party will last as long as he's president."

Two Formally Sentenced in DeAndre Harris Beating

Two of the three men convicted thus far in the beating of a young African American man in a Charlottesville parking garage saw their felony sentences imposed Thursday [8/23]. These cases stemming from the violent white nationalist rally last August. Lawyers for Jacob Scott Goodwin of Arkansas and Alex Michael Ramos of Georgia portrayed their clients as good if misguided young men, but a judge called them "brutal" and gave Goodwin eight years and Ramos six years in the beating of DeAndre Harris.

Fields Seeks Venue Change for Charlottesville Trial

The Ohio man charged with numerous felonies, including murder in the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville a year ago, is seeking a change of venue for his trial.

James Alex Fields Jr. is a name well-known in Charlottesville, and his lawyer says he can't get a fair trial here. Legal analyst Lloyd Snook, "Almost everybody has heard something about this case."

August 12 Shooter Gets Four-Year Active Sentence

A Charlottesville judge handed a four-year active prison sentence Tuesday [08/21] to Richard Wilson Preston, a KKK official who fired a shot near the feet of a black man at last summer's white nationalist rally. 

The defense said that firing a pistol was Preston's way to prevent his friends from getting burned by flames spewing from an adversary's aerosol can. The judge, however, called the shot a dangerous escalation.

Foxfield President Paid Own Firm $470K

The long-time president of a beloved Charlottesville horse-racing track paid his law firm nearly half a million dollars and that's evidence of fraud, say the plaintiffs in a lawsuit to block a sale of the property.

The plaintiffs claim that during the last six years of his life Benjamin Dick treated Foxfield as his "piggybank" by paying his over firm about $470,000 in legal fees. Plaintiff Kiwi Hilliard, "I'd like to see what they went for."