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For Those Injured In Charlottesville, Pain And Healing After A 'Very Long Year'

The indelible images of last August in Charlottesville include torches, Nazi regalia, and street brawls. But perhaps none is seared so deeply into memory as that of a grey Dodge Challenger hurtling toward a crowd of pedestrians. For some survivors, however, there's much more than memory. There are lingering physical as well as emotional wounds, but an ongoing interest in opposing bigotry. For Virginia Currents, Hawes Spencer has more.


Outgoing UVA President Sullivan Remembered for Weathering Storms

Tuesday marked the last day in office of Teresa Sullivan, the first female president of the University of Virginia. It was a tumultuous term for the person who has been called America's unluckiest college president.

In 2010, just five months into her term, Teresa Sullivan was inexplicably forced from office. Later came a false rape story, the deaths of students Yeardley Love and Otto Warmbier-- and a march by white nationalists.

Choice of Former Trump Official Sparks Two Quits at Miller Center

The appointment of a former Trump administration official, is causing waves at the University of Virginia. Two scholars at the Miller Center, a University think tank, resigned Tuesday to protest a fellowship for former White House legislative director Marc Short. History professor Melvyn Leffler calls Short a partisan activist serving a president who violates norms of human rights and civil discourse. And so Leffler and another professor drew up a letter resigning from the Miller Center.