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Why Was Last Year So Rainy?

Last year sure felt soggy here in Richmond, VA. After looking at all of the rain we got last year, scientists have announced it was the second wettest year since we began keeping records of rainfall here in the capital city. This trend does not just apply here, many parts of the nation got rocked with rain storms. Why was last year so rainy? Listen to this Question Your World radio report produced by the Science Museum of Virginia to find out.

Why Observational Drawing Is a Fun and Educational Activity for Children of All Ages

By encouraging your child to draw from what they see, instead of drawing from what they know, you are helping them to explore the details of the world around them.  You are engaging their problem solving and creative thinking skills as well as helping them to develop fine-motor skills

VSU’s STEAM Fest Spurred the Development of Hundreds of K-12th-Grade Future Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians and More

Making robots dance, flying drones and petting Mork, the Madagascar hissing cockroach, were just a few of the activities available on a recent Saturday for K-12 students attending STEAM Fest at Virginia State University.

Science on the Rocks

Have you ever ventured to Belle Isle on the James River in Richmond and taken the time to contemplate a pretty cool phenomenon among the rocks? There are over 400 rock pools along the fall zone of the James which were formed over thousands of years by the grinding away of pebbles against the exposed granite. These water filled pockets are unique ecosystems that have an important story to tell. By studying these rock pools, we can learn more about the condition of our overall environment.