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50 Years Later, Mr. Rogers Continues to Inspire a New Generation of PBS Kids

Fifty years ago, the world heard Fred Rogers, for the first time, ask the question, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”  As he made his way on to the set of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood each day, shedding his formal blazer and dress shoes and donning his trademark red cardigan sweater and casual sneakers, he gave an air that put you at ease and let you know that you were, indeed, welcome in his neighborhood.

Teaching Gratitude Through Service: RVA Volunteer Opportunities For Families & Children

If you’re like a lot of parents in RVA, you’re always looking for opportunities to teach your children to be grateful for what they have and to become aware that there are always opportunities to help others through acts of service.  While serving others is encouraged year-round, the holidays provide an abundance of opportunities for service to plug your children into, and work as a family to help others. Trammell Beckmann, from HandsOnRVA, helped us put together a list of family-friendly volunteer opportunities for families in the Greater Richmond community. 

Kids DIY, Halloween Style

While carving pumpkins can be fun, most parents know that they wind up doing all the work if they have little ones they’re working with. Sharp tools don’t always mix well with youngsters. So, we’ve put together a few alternatives to carving pumpkins that your kids are sure to enjoy and are able to participate in more fully. For those of you that are bound to carving traditions we’ve also included stencils of your favorite PBS KIDS characters as well!


Kid-Friendly RVA Halloween Haunts

While we know that Curious George’s Boo Fest is at the top of everyone’s list for little ones at Halloween, Richmond has even more to offer during the fall season. We’ve rounded up a list of the family-friendly options that are tried and true favorites in RVA. Choose from hayrides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and Halloween movie favorites. There’s something for everyone.