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88.9 WCVE News Policy on Commercial Content

88.9 WCVE News Policy on Commercial Content

The 88.9 WCVE News Department’s focus is on public policy, business, education, science and culture. For our 2-3 minute daily newscasts we run several brief 45-second news stories which emphasize topical content. These are breaking and hard news stories with a high impact on our listening audience. Our news team also produces lengthier features, in the same core areas, of a topical but less time sensitive nature. These are much more labor intensive and are produced only as time and resources allow.

88.9 WCVE News does not produce promotional or commercial content or anything that could be construed as a public service announcement. This includes organizations encouraging listeners to register for a particular event or program. Local organizations seeking to promote an event should contact our development team to discuss underwriting opportunities. Your organization may also be eligible for Artsline or the Science Matters Pick of the Week.

This policy is to keep our limited news team resources focused on the issues of the greatest importance and impact to our listening audience, not to pass any kind of editorial judgment on the many local organizations doing good work in our community.

88.9 WCVE does produce two calendar segments: Artsline and the Science Matters Pick of the Week, that list local events in the arts and sciences. These take time and resources to produce. Currently we have no plans to create a larger general events calendar.

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