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Virginia Farmers Market Programs Work To Expand Access To Fresh Produce

At farmers markets throughout Virginia, many residents use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP to pay for fresh fruits and vegetables. Some markets offer incentives, like two for one. But earlier this summer - a problem with the vendor processing SNAP payments put this service at risk. WCVE Interns Mara Guyer and Kate Seltzer have more for Virginia Currents.


For Those Injured In Charlottesville, Pain And Healing After A 'Very Long Year'

The indelible images of last August in Charlottesville include torches, Nazi regalia, and street brawls. But perhaps none is seared so deeply into memory as that of a grey Dodge Challenger hurtling toward a crowd of pedestrians. For some survivors, however, there's much more than memory. There are lingering physical as well as emotional wounds, but an ongoing interest in opposing bigotry. For Virginia Currents, Hawes Spencer has more.



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