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A Master Banjo Maker and His Apprentice Craft History

Each October, the plucking and twang of banjos is a familiar sound along the James River where thousands gather for the Richmond Folk Festival. On today’s Virginia Currents, WCVE’s Ian Stewart finds out how this old-time instrument is crafted from a master builder and his apprentice.

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To find out more about the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship program visit:
Virginia Humanties Program 

Howardena Pindell Continues To Challenge Race & Gender Discrimination Through Art

Since the 1960s artist Howardena Pindell has been inspiring the next generation of black women in the art world to continue breaking down barriers and creating spaces for women of color to be heard. Two black women working as curators organized an exhibit featuring her work at VMFA.

A Rambunctious Brood: Celebrating 40 Years Of Richmond’s 1708 Gallery

Longtime Richmond artists celebrate the 40th anniversary of 1708 Gallery this month. Over the decades, the non-profit art space has showcased visual and performing art that “redefined traditional boundaries.” For Virginia Currents, Metta Bastet looks at the organization’s history and influence.

Outburst at Richmond's Coalition Theater Gives Space and Platform to LGBTQ Comics

A pride-themed comedy show opens this month at the Coalition Theater in Richmond. It’s the second year for this sketch comedy project, created by the LGBTQ community to provide a safe space to relay their experiences using creativity and humor. For Virginia Currents, WCVE intern Yasmine Jumaa has more.


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