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New Tech Aims for Faster, More Accessible Political Lobbying

Virginia’s largest lobby day of the year also happened to be one of its coldest. But yesterday’s hand-numbing chill didn’t stop thousands of people from descending on the state capital to rally around a potpourri of causes and meet their lawmaker.

It’s a spectacle that former Republican delegate Chris Saxman doesn’t miss.

“I couldn't stand those days,” he said in an interview last week. “If there’s a day to stay away from the General Assembly, that’s the day.”

Bill to Force Coal Ash Pond Closure Advances in Virginia General Assembly

A bill that would require Dominion Energy to shut down four coal ash ponds throughout Virginia passed its first Senate committee on Thursday.

The Senate bill backed by Governor Ralph Northam would prohibit Dominion from burying the coal ash in place and would require them to recycle it or transport it to a landfill. That applies to any site on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, including one in Chesterfield County.


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