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Duo Blanc et Noir Presented by the GreenSpring International Academy of Music

The piano duo "Duo Blanc et Noir" is in Richmond to perform tonight at the Seventh Street Christian Church.  The 7:00PM concert is presented by the GreenSpring International Academy of MusicSelin Şekeranber and Yudum Çetiner creatively blend traditional Turkish music with classic Western music, bringing a new breath to the duo piano repertoire.  The

It’s a Sofrito Party

Ok, listen. This week’s World Music Show (3/31) blog is going to be short and sweet. Time is of the essence this week, so I’m not going to delve too deeply into every wonderful musician that you’ll be hearing this week.

But I will say that everyone you’ll hear, you’ll enjoy all of them and it’ll be worthwhile to tune in or stream.

One group of note will be the duo of Eva and Peter. This duet play a style of Gypsy/Balkan and Romani music that both incorporates the past but has its roots in the present.


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