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Stop! Reverse that. Rinse & Repeat

I don’t want you to think of this week’s World Music Show (5/18) as a repeat. I know it may seem that way because a bulk of the featured musicians this week you’ve been hearing over the past, well, few weeks. But this is only because as of late I’ve been getting a ton of great world tunes at World Music headquarters (*meaning, my little ol’ desk)

This means that because of the girth of music, I’m able to dig deeper into some really great albums and share tunes you may not hear on Spotify or somewhere else. Let’s get right to the usual suspects.

Swimming Lessons

What a great title for an album and for this week’s World Music Show (5-11). The album title comes from the new release by the British Reggae/Ska/Punk or Tropical Punk band The Skints. But it could encompass many things about the World Music Show.

I mean, we’re often dipping our toes into all sorts of different pools of genres on the show. And with each outing, we swim around the sounds from all over the globe until we get comfortable enough to go deeper. Then when we’re ready, we try a different pool.


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